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We Miss You

We’ve noticed that you haven’t flown with us for quite some time, and…well, we miss you.  We’d like to offer you a $10,000 credit towards Magellan Jets flights.

To redeem your credit, please email or call your Aviation Specialist (877-550-5387) , or fill out the form below.

3 Ways Magellan Provides Peace of Mind
1. CONVENIENT.  After understanding your mission, we’ll present you with options from our preferred operators with recommendations.  We’ll do the shopping for you.

2. EXPERT VETTING.  You don’t want surprises.  Our flight support department, all FAA-certified pilots, complete a 42-point checklist before any flight gets a green-light, even though Magellan Jets Preferred Network (MJPN) operators are pre-vetted.

3. PRO-ACTIVE.  Ensure your missions run smoothly.  From well before takeoff, we monitor every aspect of the flight 24/7/365 and will present and recommend options to prevent or minimize any disruptions.

Fine Print
–  50% of credit applied to 1 flight in Q4 2018 (Oct/Nov/Dec 2018)
–  50% of credit applied to 1 flight in Q2 2019 (Apr/May/Jun 2019)
–  That’s it…no other fine print


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