January 15, 2015 | Magellan Jets

Magellan Jets Offers VIP Super Bowl XLIX Package

Football fans everywhere are looking forward to the most anticipated and celebrated event of the year; the Super Bowl. A tradition that has brought people together to celebrate year after year! Only one thing can make it better, a VIP package curated by Magellan Jets & In The Know that enables fans to experience this thrilling event like a true VIP. 
While the party will be unstoppable whilst on the ground, Magellan Jets clients don’t need to wait until they’ve landed to get their “game face” on. The Magellan Jets SUPER BOWL XLIX Package gets the party started on board your private jet. Your aircraft awaits with amenities galore, aimed and ready to entertain and prepare you and your travel companions for a weekend of fun and football.

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