April 2, 2021 | Magellan Jets

Magellan Jets COVID-19 Updates And Procedures

The 3 Metrics That Matter Most When Flying Private

Leading With Safety At Magellan Jets, the first of our core values is to lead with safety by maintaining an uncompromising commitment to excellence. When it comes to safety in private aviation, we know that service issues are strongly correlated to potential safety issues—so we’ve focused on three key performance metrics to elevate our service, because … Continued

Investing In A Sustainable Future

Preserving the environment for our children and future generations is one of my greatest passions. In my last letter, I spoke about 2021 being the year for opportunity—one of those opportunities is for us to work toward a sustainable, green future by capitalizing on exciting new developments in science and technology and creating best-in-the-market initiatives … Continued

Jet Card

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