Cessna Citation Sovereign+

The Cessna Citation Sovereign offers today’s savvy business traveler a simple proposition: Cover much more ground than the competition, without spending much more money. If this sounds sensible to you, the Sovereign was made to fit your mission. With coast-to-coast range, impressive speed, outstanding short-field performance and the largest double-club cabin available in its class, it dramatically redefines what a midsize private jet can do. This remarkable aircraft can range nearly 3,300 statute miles nonstop. By every measure, the Sovereign is more airplane for your money than any other midsize business jet ever built.


Max Passengers:
2773 miles
Cabin Width:
5.5 feet
Cabin Height:
5.7 feet
Cabin Length:
25.25 feet
Golf Club Baggages:
Cabin Volume:
585 cubic feet
Internal Baggage Volume:
35 cubic feet


External baggage Volume:
100 cubic feet
max takeoff weight
30755 lbs
landing weight
27575 lbs
max payload
2490 lbs
max fuel payload
1125 lbs
11390 lbs
normal cruise airspeed
459 mph
long range cruise airspeed
390 mph
service ceiling

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