Dassault Falcon 900/900B/900C

Extraordinary comfort, high performance and unmatched efficiency make the Falcon 900 ideal for companies seeking the competitive edge in the chartered private jet industry. From its quiet, spacious cabin to its advanced, innovative, easy flight deck, this airplane redefines value. The Falcon 900 effortlessly spans the globe with 4100 nautical miles of range, while offering some of the best takeoff field performance of any current production Falcon. It comfortably accommodates eight passengers on flights from New York to Athens, Paris to Chicago and Caracas to Paris while consuming 40 percent less fuel than its nearest competitor.


Max Passengers:
3590 miles
Cabin Width:
7.7 feet
Cabin Height:
6.2 feet
Cabin Length:
33.2 feet
Golf Club Baggages:
Cabin Volume:
1264 cubic feet
Internal Baggage Volume:
127 cubic feet


External baggage Volume:
max takeoff weight
45500 lbs
landing weight
42000 lbs
max payload
3535 lbs
max fuel payload
1850 lbs
19165 lbs
normal cruise airspeed
456 mph
long range cruise airspeed
428 mph
service ceiling
39000 ft

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