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Hurricane Matthew: How Will Your Travel Be Affected?

With Hurricane Matthew expected to hit the East Coast hard between Thursday and Sunday, travel plans will certainly be affected in a major way.  For those with upcoming travel in the Florida, Georgia, South Carolina or Bahama Islands areas, here are some things you will want to keep in mind.  

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Pilot Review: Gulfstream G650

The $65 million business jet that had a 3+ year wait list to even place an order is coming soon to the Magellan Jets Membership program.  So what’s it like to fly on what many refer to as the biggest and overall best private jet money can buy?  It’s hard to find a place to start, but here’s what separates the G650 from the competitive pack. 

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Meet The Citation X+: The Fastest Business Jet On The Planet

As hard as it is to believe, calling the Citation X+ the fastest business jet on the planet is actually an understatement.  To be correct,  The Citation X+ is the fastest non-military grade jet there is.   However, speed isn’t the only feature to this aviation icon that can reach an unparalleled Mach .935.    


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4 Myths Of The New Apple Airpods

Headphones have become an item most travelers will not leave the house without, but the industry may be in for a major shakeup.  With Apple’s recent release of the brand new Airpod technology, the internet has been flooded with an array of reviews ranging from groundbreaking technology to a severly overthought updgrade.  You can make the judgement when you give them a try, but for now, make sure you don’t believe these four myths of the new Apple Airpods.  

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Why Are More Owners Turning To Jet Membership?

Since 2008, there’s been a new normal when it comes to aircraft ownership. A lot of sectors felt the downturn around that time, and plane sales hit slow growth – a trend that isn’t expected to change for another decade. 

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Investment Apps For The Traveler With No Time To Spare

Keeping up with your investments while on the road can be a tough feat for even the savviest investors.  Luckily, in today’s day and age of technology, there are apps specifcally designed for people with little time to spare.  See what apps are helping investors manage their portfolio at the tip of a finger.   

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Flying Private Like You Own It

At Magellan Jets, we’ve heard our members and know that one of the great perks of our jet-specific membership model is that fliers keep that sense of ownership.  

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