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The 2016 Monaco Yacht Show

The 2016 Monaco Yacht Show is just under a month away and gearing up to be bigger than ever.  It ranks as one of the most traveled to events by private jet in the world each year.   Hundreds of the most luxurious “superyachts” you’ve ever seen along with other toys will be on display at the iconic Port Hercules. Movers and shakers from all over the world will be on-hand September 28-October 1 for the once-a-year showing.  

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6 Labor Day Weekend Getaways

Labor Day is less than three weeks away and last minute travelers are still looking for the right destinations.  Although most people have the beach on their mind, many of the major cities offer much to do for a weekend getaway.  Here are six that will keep you busy this Labor Day.  

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MJ Membership Center Nantucket

Magellan Jets Membership Center Opens in Nantucket

Magellan Jets recently launched one of the first of its kind brick and mortar Membership Centers on Nantucket island.  Only a short walk from the ferry, the convenient, historic location welcomes new and existing members to learn about the latest in Magellan Jets’ membership options and experience the personalization of private travel.  

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Robb Report Picks Magellan Jets as One of Rio’s Top Olympic Travel Providers

This August, more than 10,000 of the world’s top athletes will compete in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. Participating in 41 events ranging from handball to gymnastics, rugby to swimming, each athlete will do their best to claim a victory for their country. While watching the Olympics at home is one option, the far more adventurous alternative is to hop a charter flight to Brazil, stay in one of the country’s finest hotels, and soak up the excitement and pageantry in person. The following five jet providers offer first-class service to the summer spectacle.  


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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Private Jets

You alreadty know what comes to mind when you think of private jets.  Wealth, luxury and an exclusive lifestyle are probably among them, but there are many things you may not know. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about private jets. 


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Top Events Still to Come This Summer in New England

If you blinked, the summer is already halfway over and it will be Labor Day before you know it.  You may feel like you haven’t taken full advantage of Summer 2016, but fear not as there is still plenty of fun left to be had in New England.  Cape Cod, Nantucket, Newport and Martha’s Vineyard save their biggest events for last.  Check out what is still coming this summer.  

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Magellan Jets Sponsors Nantucket By Design Show August 2-7

The celebration of the best in creative and inspirational design across many fields and disciplines kicks off August 2nd in Nantucket.  Magellan Jets is the presenting sponsor for the Nantucket Historical Association’s week-long Nantucket By Design show from August 2-7. Learn more about the week filled with fun, laughter and celebration.   


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Buying a Jet: How to Make the Right Decision

Do you know all the hidden costs in owning an aircraft? Should you truly be an owner?  Is saving money more valuable than consistency in aircraft and operator?  Answering questions like these are some of the many things you should address before deciding to purchase an aircraft.  Fortunately, Magellan Jets offers everything you need to know in our free whitepaper   “How to Buy a Jet” .

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America’s Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs

According to Forbes magazine, “A golden age for women entrepreneurs has begun”. Marketplace trends, more financial options and an abundance of women-led companies make 2016 a hot time to strike for females.  However, the opportunities women are seeing now in the workplace were not always as clear to them before these 7 women paved the way.  

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Challenger 300 vs Challenger 350: What’s The Difference?

Bombardier has long been known for providing executives with a superior business aircraft at the top of its respective class.  Between the Global, Learjet and Challenger series, there is a jet for all types of corporations. Specifically, the Challenger 300 and the Challenger 350 are two of the most high-performing and high-efficiency jets in the Bombardier line.  Today, we will take a look at why executives love flying in them.  

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5 of the Top Venture Capitalists in the World and Their Most Important Investment

The annual Midas List from Forbes ranks the top 100 venture capitalists (VC) in the world every year. Many people on the list struck gold early on in major start-ups like Twitter, Spotify and Uber, while others took the unconventional route and entered the game late.  Some bold moves paid off big for these top venture capitalists, highlighted by a once in a lifetime investment that brought the #1 VC to the top of the list.  

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The New BMW 7-Series is the Future of Luxury Cars

The technology that allowed James Bond to drive his car remotely in “Tomorrow Never Dies”, and Tom Cruise to control technology with the wave of a hand in “Minority Report” is now reality in the new BMW 7-Series.
BMW’s new luxury sedan is impressive and highly efficient, featuring cutting-edge technology and stylish design updates that are setting the bar high for the future of travel and luxury cars. From 4-zone climate controls to ventilated massaging seats, the sixth generation BMW 7-Series is the closest thing to traveling first class on the road.

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Summer’s Most Luxurious Hidden Travel Gems

Today marks the first day of the summer season!
From sunbathing on beautiful white beaches to enjoying a relaxing spa day at 5-star hotel, many are eager to pack up their bags and enjoy a long a lux summer away from home. But while most people opt for traditional summer getaways to Key West or Miami, Magellan Jets has sat down with Luxury Travel Magazine to provide you hidden-gem destinations that are just as luxurious and beautiful as Maui or the Hamptons this summer.
So where will you be vacationing this season? Here are 3 destinations you should consider jetting off to this summer. 

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Facts About The New Citation Latitude

This month, Cessna’s newest jet, the Citation Latitude has officially earned FAA type certification, which was the last step needed to make the aircraft available to consumers. Deliveries of the new business jet are scheduled to begin by the end of this summer.

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5 Reasons To Travel Europe By Private Jet

If you’re planning on traveling across the pond this summer, did you know that flying privately could be less expensive?
Yes, you read that right.
Travelers who typically fly first class to their favorite European destinations can benefit from private aviation, especially when making immediate plans. A quick check on can confirm this.

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5 Father’s Day Gifts For The Man Who Already Has Everything

With Father’s Day approaching, many are in panic mode wondering what do you get the man who already has everything?
Lucky for you, Magellan Jets has come up with a list of unique and luxurious gifts so that this year, you can ditch the ole I’ll-give-my-dad-another-tie idea. From unforgettable experiences to becoming the most well dressed man in the room, these are the gifts that’ll make your dad feel appreciated this Father’s Day. 

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Try Before You Fly!

We now invite you to experience Jet Membership that is customized to your unique needs for just 10 hours.
For a limited time, you are able to “test drive” jet membership before deciding which jet card option is right for you. With 10 programs, and 8 specific jet categories, this 10 hour trial membership will allow you to purchase different aircraft types in small increments. 

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G500 Takes Flight: Everything You Need To Know About the Gulfstream Aircraft

The clouds have met the G500 for the very first time.
Gulftream Aerospace’s new wide-cabin business jet completed its first flight last Monday with pilots evaluating the G500’s flight controls and overall performance. The aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 15,000 ft. and achieved a top air speed of 194 kts during it’s 2 hour and 16 minute flight. The G500 is the first of the twinjets to begin flight tests, and is part of Gulfstream’s new family of large-cabin, long-range aircraft that also includes the G600.

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Tis the Season for Turboprops

With summer right around the corner, many travelers will find themselves needing short-hop flights (60 minutes or less) to and from their favorite vacation destinations.  

Turboprop aircraft is the best solution for these quick flights as they have excellent runway capabilities, ample luggage space and cabins, and not to mention, are also very economical. Although top speeds on these aircraft are slower than jet aircraft, turboprops are a better option because jets don’t have the time to climb to their optimal elevation and reach their true speed performance, anyway, because of the short flight time. Plus, turboprops cruise at lower altitudes, which means there are more direct flight paths for your journey.

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Magellan Jets’ Favorite Aircraft from the MBAA 2nd Annual Aviation Day

This year, Magellan Jets was one out of the many industry leaders who participated at the MBAA 2nd Annual Aviation Day at the new Rectrix FBO facility at Laurence G. Hanscom Field in Bedford, Mass.
Many jets were on display at the exclusive event, and the Magellan Jets team was able to speak with the pilots and manufacturers of each aircraft to learn more about their special features and new technological advancements.
From the Gulfstream G550 to the Embraer Phenom 300, Magellan Jets got an inside look at what makes each aircraft unique, and for some of us at Magellan Jets, some where more unique than others…

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Magellan Jets and Four Seasons Resort Nevis Partner to Offer the Ultimate Family Caribbean Getaway

With Magellan Jets and Four Seasons Resort Nevis, the vacation begins before your toes hit the sand. These renowned purveyors of luxury and hospitality have announced the ultimate family vacation package to Nevis, which takes beachside “R&R” to new heights. From the moment guests take off, they’ll experience the highest end, family friendly adventures money can buy. They need only arrive to their awaiting jet, and allow professionals to handle the rest while guests sip fresh cocktails amidst the tropical air.

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What Makes Nantucket and the Hamptons Special for Memorial Day Weekend? We Asked the Experts…

Memorial Day is the official start of the travel season, and that’s something to celebrate! From lying out on one of America’s most beautiful white beaches to sailing away with family and friends in the Atlantic Ocean, what better way to celebrate the USA than traveling to the country’s most fabulous beach towns? If spending a three-day weekend relaxing beachside in the USA sounds like your ideal holiday, Nantucket and the Hamptons are calling your name!
To learn more about why these two famous destinations are so special for Memorial Day, Magellan Jets sat down with the people who know Nantucket and the Hamptons best. Publisher of Nantucket Magazine/ real estate investor, Bruce Percelay, and Hamptons real estate expert, Darius Narizzano, explain to us why we should all be headed to Nantucket and the Hamptons for the holiday. 

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