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Polar Vortex Winter Weather

Snow before thanksgiving? You’re not the only one who’s surprised. This has been one of the snowiest Novembers on record. And we’re still a month away from the official start of winter.

The unexpected snowstorms this year came as result of a fluctuation of cold air from the polar vortex-a semi-permanent low-pressure system of cold air that circulates around the earth poles. The strength of the vortex determines it ability to control and recirculate air. When the vortex becomes weak due to surrounding atmospheric conditions, frigid air can seep southward causing below average temperatures and snowstorms.

Many metrological agencies, such as IBM’s The Weather Company have taken the preseason snow as an indicator that this winter will be affected by a weak polar vortex. As a result, colder temperatures are forecasted along the mid-west and eastern coast of the of the country. Below is a map showing the current forecast

With a colder than average here’s a couple thing to keep in mind for jet travel:

  • Mountainous airports will be extra busy due to a vapid ski season. Flow programs that may be established in response would limit the number of flights entering.
  • Deicing will become more widespread and relevant in locations not know for extremely low temperatures
  • Cleaning snow and ice from airport runways can lead to delays
  • Extra luggage capacity needed for winter clothing and skis

Magellan Jets can help mitigate these issues. Our flight support department proactively does all that can be done to minimize delays due to mandated traffic flow programs in and out of mountain airports during ski season. We even attempt to reduce the incidence and cost of deicing whenever possible by scheduling hangars or overnighting in nearby airports that might have better weather. We also offer a variety of larger aircraft that can handle bulky winter luggage and equipment. Our goal is to keep your travel smooth and worry free.

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