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Presidential TFR

A TFR or (Temporary Flight Restriction) is defined as “an area restricted to air travel due to a hazardous condition, a special event, or a general warning for the entire FAA airspace.” For example One common and important TFR is when the President is going to be traveling somewhere.

The TFR for the president usually is 30 nautical miles, but sometimes slightly more or less. In this case aircrafts cannot fly through these areas below 18,000 feet and any airports within these areas are unavailable to GA aircraft during the specified times. In addition, these “no fly” areas may result in required reroutes being issued to move aircraft away from them.

At times airports lying just outside the boundary of an inner ring may still be impacted by the TFR. Take in consideration traffic, and blocked off areas when traveling this holiday season.

TFR’s are generally not made available to the public until two or three days before the event and can often change. This upcoming Thanksgiving, the President will be in Florida. “A FDC NOTAM 8/9155 has been issued for the PALM BEACH, FL area on NOVEMBER 20-26, 2018.” Palm Beach International (PBI) and Palm Beach County Park (LNA) will both be affected airports.

For more information on TFR’s contact your Magellan Jets consultant, Flight Support Team Member or visit the NBAA website, linked below. Get a quote below for your next charter!

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