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Four Tips To Make the Most of Your Time in the Air

There’s nothing more frustrating than lost time when you’re traveling for business. Staying efficient is a big part of staying ahead – even in the air.  However, many travelers are unaware of the outlets at their disposal when flying private.  


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10 Winter Getaways for Those Who Love (and Hate) Winter

With winter quickly approaching as we head into the end of October, travelers may be thinking of their next journey. While some may enjoy escaping to a warmer climate, others may be looking for relaxation in a winter wonderland. Whether you prefer the slopes or a sun soaked beach during the season, here are 10 winter destinations to getaway.


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5 Reasons You’ll be Happy You Flew Private This Holiday Season

 You’ve booked your flight, packed up the family and you are ready to take off to your holiday destination. Private jet travel is more than getting from point A to point B. It’s about spending less time waiting in lines at the airport and more time with people that you care about, in places where you’ll make memories last forever.

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Tis the Season for Booking Holiday Jet Travel

Depending on where you and your family are off too this holiday season, you may find that you need an aircraft that will provide a bit more space for your extra luggage. If you are headed to the mountains this year and are bringing your own ski equipment, use this chart below to help figure out which jet is right for your holiday travels.

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What All Americans Need to Know About Traveling to Cuba

In January 2015, President Obama took historical steps to break down the harden barrier between Cuba and the U.S. The United States has now re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba that have been undone since 1961.However, many Americans are still wondering what exactly has changed as a result of this new policy. Here are a few things you need to know about traveling to Cuba.

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The Traveler’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Provided by:  Canyon Ranch, Kathleen Johnson Fonte, M.S., R.D.N., L.D.P., Andres Valenzuela, M.S., R.D.N. 
With a little advanced planning and smart decision making, you can make good-for-you choices on the road just like you do at home
Traveling, whether for fun or business, is easier and more productive when you are at the top of your game, feeling your best. Eating well, of course, plays a big part inthat. Unfortunately, many aspects of being away from home can interfere with your efforts. Disrupted dining and sleeping schedules, vacations seemingly centered around eating—even the most dedicated can find their efforts quickly and easily derailed.

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5 Reasons To Travel Europe By Private Jet

If you’re planning on traveling across the pond this summer, did you know that flying privately could be less expensive?
Yes, you read that right.
Travelers who typically fly first class to their favorite European destinations can benefit from private aviation, especially when making immediate plans. A quick check on can confirm this.

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Tis the Season for Turboprops

With summer right around the corner, many travelers will find themselves needing short-hop flights (60 minutes or less) to and from their favorite vacation destinations.  

Turboprop aircraft is the best solution for these quick flights as they have excellent runway capabilities, ample luggage space and cabins, and not to mention, are also very economical. Although top speeds on these aircraft are slower than jet aircraft, turboprops are a better option because jets don’t have the time to climb to their optimal elevation and reach their true speed performance, anyway, because of the short flight time. Plus, turboprops cruise at lower altitudes, which means there are more direct flight paths for your journey.

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What Makes Nantucket and the Hamptons Special for Memorial Day Weekend? We Asked the Experts…

Memorial Day is the official start of the travel season, and that’s something to celebrate! From lying out on one of America’s most beautiful white beaches to sailing away with family and friends in the Atlantic Ocean, what better way to celebrate the USA than traveling to the country’s most fabulous beach towns? If spending a three-day weekend relaxing beachside in the USA sounds like your ideal holiday, Nantucket and the Hamptons are calling your name!
To learn more about why these two famous destinations are so special for Memorial Day, Magellan Jets sat down with the people who know Nantucket and the Hamptons best. Publisher of Nantucket Magazine/ real estate investor, Bruce Percelay, and Hamptons real estate expert, Darius Narizzano, explain to us why we should all be headed to Nantucket and the Hamptons for the holiday. 

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Tips for Earth-Friendly Travel

As travelers, we appreciate flying around this gorgeous planet, and in honor of Earth Day, we want to celebrate by going green with these 5 eco-friendly travel tips.

  1. Bring your own bottles. Plastic bottles are one of the world’s biggest pollution problems, so refrain from buying them when you travel.
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Magellan Jets Top Up- and- Coming Destinations for 2015

With 2015 comes a new year, new you and new places to explore! The world is big, with countless places to see. Whether you’re planning to immerse yourself in history or indulge in local cuisine, these up and coming destinations are sure to provide you with what you’re looking for.  Below is a list of Magellan Jets top up and coming destinations for 2015. 

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Top Caribbean Destinations Earning $867 Million From Private Jet Travelers

Recently, Elite Travel Magazine revealed a report on the top ten destinations that enjoyed the benefits of private jet charter flights to the Caribbean during the peak winter season. From November 2013 to April 2014, the ten destinations brought in revenue of $867 million from 12,566 flights. The number one spot went to Nassau in the Bahamas and was followed by St. Maarten and Turks and Caicos. The top three locations accounted for half of those flights and nearly $478 million in revenue.

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Falcon 7X

Top 5 Tricks to Keep Your House Safe While You’re Away

Hire a House-Sitter
The most efficient way to make sure your house is safe is to have someone you trust stay in it while you’re gone. You may be lucky enough to have a trustworthy relative who’ll move in temporarily and watch over the house. If not, there are services you can use for house-sitting and pet-sitting while you’re away.

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A Sizable Increase During Holiday Travel- Are You Prepared?

This year, the United States Department of Transportation reported that travel during the Thanksgiving week will increase by 54% compared to the rest of the year.  The weeks of  Christmas and New Years will see an increase of 23%.  With these sizable increases it’s important to have aviation professionals working with you proactively to create a seamless and memorable holiday travel experience.  
Graph Provided by Avinode

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Why Booking Your Holiday Travel Early is Important

Summer is officially over, and the holiday season will soon be upon us! Everyone knows holiday travel is a hassle. It’s the busiest travel season of the year so there are more delays and there’s less aircraft availability, and the addition of unpredictable winter weather can make the whole situation a nightmare. Thankfully, booking your holiday charter early can help ease those headaches. 
Booking in advance allows our Sourcing Team to provide you with an exceptional aircraft during a period when most companies are struggling to give you the bare minimum. This time also allows our Flight Support Team, made up exclusively of professional pilots, to secure any necessary reservations or other arrangements to help create a seamless experience for you, your family, and your guests.

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Gulfstream G450

The Most Exclusive Private Jet Tour of Italy!

An 8 day exclusive private jet tour Italy package to Florence & Venice. This once in a lifetime trip will provide customers with private access to historical museums, tours of Italy’s finest palazzos, and dining opportunities with Italian Aristocracy. Groups of up to 14 people can take the tour, leaving from their local US airport by private jet and flying directly to Florence. The program if fully inclusive of all accommodation, meals, wines, guides and admission fees.

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Top 5 Secluded Island Getaways

#1 Jumeirah Dhevanafushi North Huvadhu Atoll, Maldives A secret hideaway nestled at the south end of the Maldives in the heart of the Indian Ocean. This secluded island getaway offers everything you need for a relaxing & unforgettable getaway. The crystal blue water and pure white sandy beaches create quite the tranquil environment. The island is surrounded by exotic beauty and remote luxury.

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5 Questions About Private Jets Your Boss Wants You to Ask!

Did your boss ask you to book his/her upcoming travel arrangements? Wondering where to start and who to call for their private jet? Don’t sweat it! Below is a list of 5 important questions to ask before booking a jet! Your boss will be glad you did!
Here are the questions about private jets you’ll want to ask:

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Ferrari Announces Theme Park Opening in 2016

Last week Ferrari announced the launch of their latest endeavor, Ferrari Land, a 807,000 square-foot amusement park and resort outside Barcelona, Spain. After the success of their first amusement park Ferrari World in 2010, which is the largest indoor park in the world, the luxury brand decided it was time to expand! However, Ferrari Land will be about a third the size of the original theme park. That does not mean the park will be anything less than spectacular.

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