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10 Luxury Gift Ideas To Get Mom On Mother’s Day

Let’s face it. Your mom deserves the world for raising you, and maybe a diamond necklace to go along with it. Although every son or daughter would love to send mom on a luxurious getaway for Mother’s Day, it may not be in the cards this year. Magellan Jets knows what gifts make our mothers who fly with us feel loved and appreciated. Here are 10 luxury gift ideas to show mom just how much she means to you on her big day.

1. Tote Bag
Tote bags are an ideal gift for mom. They are big and roomy with plenty of space to hold whatever a mom needs to put in it. The bags can be used for the gym, beach, work, knitting or laptop bags, and much more.
Best Places to Buy: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus

2. Amazon Echo
The Amazon Echo is one of the hottest items this Mother’s Day because what mother wouldn’t love a device they can give commands to? The Echo offers hands free controls and can be used for anything from playing music to asking questions about the weather. Most importantly, this awesome device can read audio books.
Best Places to Buy: Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot

3. Flowers
Flowers are the obvious choice for most shoppers on Mother’s day. However, if you’re going to go with a generic gift, you might as well make it a luxury or designer bouquet of flowers.
Best Places to Buy: Teleflora

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite
Advanced camera modes for a great picture is probably the tablets best feature for mom, but its illuminated 7 inch screen make reading a book, surfing the web, and connecting with friends easier than ever. This gift is a great way for a mother to put all her hobbies into her own personalized device.
Best Places to Buy: Amazon, Best Buy

5. Wine Aerator
Most mothers love a good glass of wine and an aerator will improve the quality while keeping the flavor long after the bottle is uncorked.
Best Places to Buy: Crate and Barrell, Wine Enthusiast Magazine

6. Sun Hat
For the extravagant mothers that love to make an entrance, the sun hat is the perfect choice. These luxurious head covers can go with a flashy outfit or simply serve to protect your face from the sun. Maybe even give it to mom a day early so she can steal the show at her Kentucky Derby party on Saturday May 7.
Best Places to Buy: J.Crew, Coolibar

7. Fitbit
Since most moms are looking for ways to get back in shape, the Fitbit serves as the perfect motivational workout partner. The activity tracker monitors everything from steps and distance covered to floors climbed and active minutes.
Best Places to Buy: BackCountry, REI

8. Jewelry
Many companies, like David Yurman, run mother’s day specials on all their luxury jewelery items. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets tend to be on sale so you can package items to give mom an entire collection.
Best Places to Buy: David Yurman, Bulgari

9. Luxury Chocolates
Maybe more so than anything else, women love chocolate. Mother’s are no exception. However, it probably needs to fall in the luxury gourmet category to be acceptable for mother’s day. Most companies offer exquisite packages and presentations to add a special touch so mom feels like she’s getting more than just chocolate.
Best Places to Buy: Godiva, Vosges

10. Luxury Travel Packages
Realistically, every mother is probably secretly hoping for a weekend getaway to unwind and relax. Magellan Jets membership and charter options offer mom an array of destinations and personalizations to make this the best mother’s day yet.
Best Places to Buy: Magellan Jets

Whatever you decide to get mom for mother’s day, make sure it’s from the heart. However, if she knows it’s from the heart while overlooking the ocean, it might make her feel a bit more appreciated. Check out Magellan Jets travel options for mother’s day


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