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3 Tips To Help You Get to Super Bowl 50… Smoothly.

We asked our Director of Flight Support, Patricia Reed, to give her tips for gearing up for Super Bowl 50 in terms of private aviation. With over 15 years’ experience (or 15 Super Bowls’ experience) in the private aviation industry under her belt, and decades of pilot’s experience, Pat laid out her valuable advice based on memorable experiences in aviation during this busy season. Get the real scoop on how to prepare if you want to make it to the game on time and in style without worrying about anything but the good times to be had.

  1. Book Early

Here’s the deal. Ramp reservations will be required for 15 local airports from February 4th through the 8th. This means you need to book ASAP to guarantee your spot on the ramp during those dates. Other things that need to be reserved include car services to and from the stadium. They will be required to have a Parking Pass and will need to stay for the entire game. With such a high volume of people coming in (and a “holiday” that makes food a requirement), kitchens in Santa Clara will no doubt be bustling with catering requests and will serve you much better if you book in advance. Be prepared by booking everything early!

  1. Avoid Delays

Don’t get stuck in a pickle with delays. “Airspace saturation”, a term used by experts in the business, will surly occur around and during this event. There will be as many as 1200 private aircraft swarming to the area for the game. Congestion means delays (picture rush hour traffic, but in the sky). To avoid delays due to congestion on game day, plan ahead and make your reservations around the actual date. This will eliminate your waiting around for athletes and celebrities who will likely fly in last minute. Pat says,
Pat Reed, Director, Flight Support
Pat advises,

“The Bay area is notorious for fog and could delay arrivals. Build in plenty of time on both ends of your trip – arriving for the game and departing to head back to a Bay area airport: Santa Clara, Hayward, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and others.”
All the more reason to plan ahead and avoid the clusters we know will form before, during, and after the big game.

  1. Book with the Best

The Super Bowl is a special occasion, seeing as it only happens once a year, and especially since this year is the 50th. Treat yourself to the luxury that many celebrities and athletes will be relying on the get them to the game by booking your own private jet. Make sure you choose wisely, as different companies will have cancellation terms that vary during holiday or peak travel times. At Magellan Jets, our team helps you understand all of your travel options, gets to know your needs, and applies the best service for you so you can concentrate on cheering your team to victory – not worrying about the complexities of travel.


For more information on what Magellan Jets can offer for your next personal or business trip, consider booking a flight with Magellan Jets or customizing your jet card. Call us today at 877-550-JETS or visit us at

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