Your Complimentary Guide: Flying Private With A Financially Stable Provider

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6 Business Tools to Make Your Travel More Productive

Magellan Jets was recently featured in the Gothamist Getaways article, “16 Travel Essentials for 2016”. We looked into some other options when it comes to streamlining your travel experience both on ground or when airborne.

  1. Tripit App

Between planes, trains, and automobiles, reservations can stack up, especially on vacations or when traveling for business – not to mention hotel stays and entertainment bills. Looking for more organization when it comes to your frequent travel? Tripit is an app that allows you to streamline the many confirmation emails and the multitude of itineraries that stack up for even just one trip. With Tripit, you’re able to access information you’ll need to stick to your plans without scrolling through dozens of emails or searching your bag for boarding passes. Download this app ASAP for a tool to help you manage multiple itineraries for you and your business partners.
Source: Trippit

  1. BlueSmart Luggage

As the tech industry grows and we become more accustomed to having information at our fingertips, it is essential that we have access to the power supply we need – even when on the go. BlueSmart combines the traditional functionality of a compact and efficient suitcase with the convenience of power supply for your electronics. Paired with an app, the BlueSmart luggage can be weighed, tracked, and locked automatically. Between the satisfaction of knowing where your bag is at all times and knowing you won’t lose connection with the world while you’re away because your phone won’t die, this luggage is a must have!
Source: BlueSmart

  1. Bubbli App

What is more important that documenting an amazing trip with photos that you can show everyone when you return? Showing them a realistic, 3D version of a picture! With the Bubbli application for your phone, you can recreate a stunning view of what you saw in person to revisit later. Think panorama on steroids – you’ll feel like you’re there again. The app will help your business align your team and it will feel like you all are in the same place, comnudting business in the same room – not something others can say when doing business from several remote locations. Use Bubbli to make your travel more productive and impactful.

  1. BAUBAX Travel Jacket

The multifunctional BAUBAX Travel Jacket will transform the way you dress, leaving you hands-free to enjoy trips without the hassle of lugging around countless bags and cases. This jacket offers pockets for everything imaginable while maintaining the cool, comfortable style of a regular sweatshirt. It is worth checking out – even comes in a blazer style for the corporate traveler, how convenient!
Source: Baubax


This website will transform how you plan corporate travel and various excursions starting with the click of a button. It is a platform where you can search empty conference rooms near your destination so there is no worrying if you aren’t used to doing business in the area. When all you need is a quiet place to meet with a business prospect or overseas partners, turn to eVenues for total productivity and convenience for all parties. It hosts a variety of conference rooms as well as restaurants and banquet rooms, so there is a solution for every business setting. What exec wouldn’t love that?

Source: eVenues

  1. Private Jet Card by Magellan Jets

Of course none of these gadgets or tools would be as great as they are if you don’t get where you need to go with as little hassle as possible. Jet Card from Magellan Jets starts you off with 25 hours on a private jet, or for the more travel-savvy business execs, there are 50, 75, and even 100+ hour cards. If what you’re looking for is more than an hourly jet card, check out the Magellan Jets Build-A-Card program where you can customize your travel from the snacks you want on board to the car you want planeside at your destination.


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