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6 Ways Private Aviation Can Help Your Business

Business is about efficiency, finding the best way to do something, and presenting a new idea that will save people time and money. Even the executives who have made it big in business need to rely on transportation to get them to their important meetings. Private aviation has significantly streamlined this piece of the corporate puzzle, and innovated a solution to one of the only obstacles holding back the successful icons of the business world. Here are 6 ways private aviation can help your business, too.

  1. Time

Avoid the security lines, airport traffic, and various other TSA hassles that get in the way of your schedule. Even if you’re running late for your meeting, your private plane will be right there waiting for you at an FBO that allows you to sidestep the inconveniences of commercial flight. Save time with the speed of private travel alone! You won’t believe how easy it is to get to where you need to go when you’re soaring at 300 knots in the aircraft that’s ready as soon as you are.

  1. Workspace Convenience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t need to bump elbows with the people in the seats next to you while you pull out your laptop to get some work done on your flight to a remote meeting? While you’re saving time in your own private jet, you will realize how much space actually plays a role in your productivity. With plenty of room to sprawl out your materials and guaranteed Wi-Fi, you won’t regret flying with Magellan Jets when it comes to corporate travel. As an added bonus, most jets have tables that fold out which can double as a work desk and many can include office appliances such as phones, fax machines, and more. Recreate your ideal office space so you can get ahead of the competition while you’re on your way to your next meeting.

  1. Privacy

Confidentiality is key, so it is vital that you know no unwanted eyes, or hovering ears are in your working vicinity. Engage your meeting partners or feel free to look over private information by yourself in an area where you know there will be no interruptions. In addition to keeping your personal documents in confidence, Magellan Jets upholds a 100% confidentiality agreement that will guarantee your and your passengers’ information is kept private from the media and anyone you don’t want to include. Relax and enjoy your meetings without the worry of security breach.

  1. Hassle Free

In general, private aviation pays for itself in time and money. You can rest assured that your luggage and belongings will never be lost or stolen since it will be with you the whole time you travel. While operators do reserve the right to search your bags in order to avoid accidents or identify hazards, there is never an uncomfortable TSA pat down or having to take out your laptop, let alone stand in line waiting to do so. Hate the hassles that come with flying internationally, but have to meet partners in Munich? Kiss away the many obstacles that come up with international flights by choosing private aviation. In addition, Magellan Jets’s 24-hour flight support team will you’re your ground transportation of choice, so no time is wasted once you’re on the ground. The conveniences of private travel are endless, and you won’t be disappointed as you hop comfortably onto your plane and get in the sky within minutes.

  1. Personalization

Sick of having to tolerate the food on commercial flights due to missing meals because of all the time you waste at those airports? Never miss a meal because of flying again! Magellan can grant your every catering wish, assuring that you will receive a professionally prepared, fresh meal for you and your associates. Unlike commercial airlines, Magellan can work around food allergies and the most specific of food requests. Want customized office supplies on board, or have a client to impress with a preference for Lamborghinis? Magellan can meet all of your needs, no matter the personalization level. Ask away!

  1. Flexible schedules

In the business world, there is no telling who will be running late or which meeting will run over time. Luckily, if you book private, your plane can be repositioned to go to alternate destinations, or be available at a different time than previously booked. Being able to save the day when your plans change at the last minute is one of Magellan’s reputable qualities. Whether you have multiple customers to meet with in one day, or need to get overseas to an unplanned meeting in another country, count on Magellan Jets to get you there safely, and on time.

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