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A Relentless Helicopter in Every Sense of the Word

Bell Helicopters recently embarked on a mission to redefine the super-medium product class of executive helicopters. To do so, Bell engineers had to design a super-mid helicopter with a focus on pioneering the incorporation of breakthrough technology in multiple categories across the aircraft. This 21st chopper will be the first to incorporate fly-by-wire flight controls, the Garmin G5000H touchscreen avionics suite and to feature the LATD tail boom design for improved hover performance.
Ultimately, a commercial helicopter needs to incorporate amenities that stretch beyond the flight deck and flight controls and into the cabin for the passengers. Designed for functionality, flexibility and passenger comfort, a fully flat cabin floor configurable with up to 16 passengers can accommodate the most demanding of missions. A floor “puck” system allows for easy seat removal for reconfiguration, allowing discretion of comfort and efficiency on a trip-by-trip basis. Best-in-class low noise and vibration figures will make for a relaxing flight allowing for rest or getting work done while enroute. Bell’s persistent design efforts and the helicopter’s versatile mission capabilities is the inspiration behind the company’s all-new Bell 525 Relentless commercial helicopter.

Relentless is defined as “showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength or pace.” This description is evident of the helicopter’s performance and mission capabilities. Fly-by-wire flight controls allow pilots to fly demanding missions in austere environments safely and reliably. The 525’s General Electric CT7-2F1 engine provides reliable power and performance for all missions from executive and medical transport to search and rescue, firefighting and offshore oil rig support. When faced with a VIP corporate mission, the 525’s best-in-class cabin volume, range and smooth ride make for the ultimate time-saving business tool. Currently at the end of the design and certification process, the 525 Relentless will be available for sale and charter over the next few years. While Magellan Jets eagerly awaits its arrival, we currently represent a massive fleet of safe, reliable helicopters capable of fulfilling your most demanding missions while piloted by the most experienced crews in the industry.

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