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A Windowless Supersonic Jet with Panoramic Views

Just when you thought the future of flying was all figured out, Spike Aerospace reveals a new supersonic jet concept. The latest supersonic jet displays a radical new design where the entire cabin wall will be covered in a thin screen. No need to fight over a window seat anymore because the entire wall can be changed into a panoramic window. The jet will use tiny external cameras to create a sensational panoramic vista. By removing the windows it could eliminate any structural issues and reduce the aircraft weight. The smooth exterior will allow the supersonic jet to move quicker since drag will be reduced due to the windows removal.

The engineers, who have previously worked for aerospace giants such as Airbus, Gulfstream and Bombardier, have spent the past two years crafting the luxury aircraft and have reported flying capabilities from New York to London to take approximately three – four hours rather then six to seven hours. The supersonic jet is also designed to seat about 12 to 18 passengers. Undoubtedly, making this aircraft a major target for billionaire businessmen.
At the same time, all the perks of the supersonic jet come with a hefty price tag, as the aircraft will cost about 65 to 80 million with a future delivery date of 2018.

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