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Affordable and Flexible 10 Hour Private Jet Card

Airplanes are not flying machines, they are time machines, and time is perhaps the most precious commodity a company can have. The opportunistic cost of wasting time can severely impact your bottom line and ultimately affect the relationships with your customers, suppliers and/or distributors. Consider the time it takes a person to fly between Boston and New York City on a traditional commercial airline. After accounting for ground transportation, checking-in at least 45 minutes early, and going through security; the minutes can quickly add-up to the driving time between the two cities. Private aviation is the ultimate business tool in the true sense of the word. Meetings in multiple cities, quick regional flights and same day travel are all possible with a private jet.
Magellan Jets is pleased to announce to northeast flyers the “Business Travel Jet Card”, employing the brand-new Eclipse500 “very light jet” (VLJ). The Eclipse500 is ideal for executive travel needs, small sales teams or treating your customers to a stylish ride. This 10 hour card can be purchased for the competitive price of $34,950, allowing three adults to privately travel below the cost of a first-class ticket. The Business Travel Jet Card comes standard with all the perks of owing a small private jet without the headaches involved with insurance, maintenance and storage. Private aviation is superior to any existing means of transportation by way of efficiency, flexibility and above all, speed. Contact Magellan Jets today and plan your next business trip on the safe, reliable and comfortable Eclipse500.

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