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Air Ambulance Charter Acts as Life Line in Horrific Car Crash

An excursion to the Bahamas on a cruise ship brings images of paradise and relaxation to mind. Unfortunately, these dreams were crushed on November 17, 2010, for Donna DeJesus and her daughter Starr. The two women were in the middle of their four-day cruise aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Sky. They had taken a brief trip to the Atlantis Resort and Casino and were traveling back to the ship via a taxi van. The ship was in sight when the driver of the taxi van took a wrong turn and pumped the brakes, only to discover that they did not work. After veering to avoid a collision, the taxi van slammed into a building. Miraculously, everyone in the vehicle lived. As the passengers surveyed the damage, Donna announced that she could not move her legs.
She was transported to a hospital in Nassau, where she waited a considerable amount of time to be seen. In need of a hip replacement, and suffering a broken leg, she was ultimately told that they would not be able to offer her sufficient treatment. The only way Donna DeJesus would acquire proper medical attention would be if she was transported back to a hospital in the United States. Her son, Dion, was able to come to her rescue, paying the $21,000 for a U.S. Air Ambulance to bring Donna and Starr home. The Air Ambulance left for the Bahamas from Sarasota, Fla., and landed early the next morning at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford. From there Donna was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital. With the swift aid of the Air Ambulance, Donna is expected to fully recover. Magellan Jets offers Air Ambulances for charter if you ever find yourself or someone you know in need of private transportation due to a medical dilemma.

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