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Aircell Set to Launch First In Flight Smartphone for Private Jets

While some like to kick back and relax while travelling, others like to make the most of their time in transit. For the latter group, Aircell proposes the latest innovation in getting-things-done-on-the-fly: the Aircell Smartphone.
Running the popular Android OS, the new smartphone will have a familiar look with a large 3.8-inch display to assist in usability while lacking any significant learning curve. With backwards compatibility for all Aircell Axxess communication systems including its Gogo Biz service, the Aircell Smartphone will be set to maximize flight potential when it is released in late 2011.
Including all the usual smartphone utilities, ranging from Bluetooth to a headset jack, the phone can also be used in both wired and wireless modes. Aircell even boasts the phone can be picked up and used for the first time without having to read a manual.
With a large screen, oversized call buttons and full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Aircell Smartphone is set to blow open a brand new niche for private jet travel later this year.

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