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Apple’s Highly Anticipated iPhone 5 Release

2011 came and went without the release of the iPhone 5. The suspense has been building, and most are convinced that we will see Apple unveil their new product by the end of the year. The new iPhone will be completely different in design. It has been speculated that the iPhone 5 will be slightly longer. Photos that have been leaked showcase bigger speaker grills, a 4.5 inch screen and a two-toned back brushed with aluminum. In May 2011, a company called Digitimes released information saying that Apple could be creating a glass screen which would be curved. This was due to the fact that Apple had purchased between 200 and 300 special glass cutting machines. The dock port is rumored to be smaller; featuring a 19 pin connector on its base, rather than the typical 30 pin seen on all products Apple has released to date. Lastly, since the new iPad came out with 4G, it is expected that it will be on the iPhone 5 as well. Whatever the case may be regarding the new iPhone 5’s functionality and appearance; do not forget to download the Magellan Jets Private Jet Search iPhone app right away. You can search for a jet, book and sign e-contracts quickly and in the palm of your hand!

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