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Ban on Carry-On Luggage Due to Terrorist Concerns?

It seems that passengers flying commercial this holiday season may not have to worry about overhead bin space. Due to a high volume of terrorist concerns, the United Kingdom and United States are considering banning carry-on luggage; requiring all passengers to check-in their luggage prior to boarding.

The UK government says the threat of a terrorist attack is at its highest ever. Officials are considering the ban in the wake of new intelligence that suggests Al-Qaeda has been planning a high-profile attack on 5 commercial flights sometime before Christmas. “When the security and intelligence agencies tell us that the threat we face is now more dangerous than at any time before or since 9/11, we should take notice,” said Ms. Theresa May, Home Secretary. The reports added that the attacks will be centered around sneaking bombs onto flights with European destinations.
There has also been deliberation on banning electronics in the cabin, forcing passengers to leave their devices in a checked bag.
If the ban is put into place, you can expect to see longer check-in lines and longer wait time to pick up your lugagge, or you could contact one of our Aircraft Consultants and book your private jet for all your holiday travel!

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