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Bell Helicopter May Release New Products Based on Recent Trademark Filings

In late December, Bell Helicopter Textron made several filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The trademarks were said to be for “Magellan,” “525SMT” and “407GT.” This has instigated much speculation around the development and upcoming release of new products. The perfect opportunity for this announcement would be this February in Dallas, Texas, at the Helicopter Association International Heli-Expo.
Insiders seem to think that Magellan could become the new brand for a future family of helicopters. Private jet charter company, Magellan Jets, is excited about the possibility of having a “namesake” in the helicopter market. Magellan Jets has helicopters available world-wide and delivers uncompromised safety, guaranteeing that they only fly with two pilots and ensure that they have twin engines. Magellan Jets clients take advantage of helicopter services regularly. Short, convenient trips from NYC to The Hamptons in the summer as well as site-seeing on the California coast are among the most popular destinations.
Currently, Bell Helicopter Textron has a medium-twin 412; perhaps the 525SMT will be the larger take on this model. Competitors would likely be aiming at the oil and gas markets. Lastly, the 407GT is said to reminiscent of the big single Bell has, but with a larger and more advanced engine.

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