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Book Your Private Jet to One of These St. Patrick’s Day Hot Spots!

Even if St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most unusual holidays we celebrate, it still means two things…consuming vast quantities
of beer and having lots of fun. So who really cares, right? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 11.2% of the United States is of Irish decent, but when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, it seems the whole country becomes Irish. Magellan Jets is ready to jet you off to the top 3 best cities for St. Patrick’s Day! Grab a group of your most rowdy beer drinking buddies and hop aboard your own luxury private jet to begin the celebration right! Our top of the line Flight Support Team will cater to any of your requests…maybe some green beer on your charter jets?

So, where will your luck bring you on St. Patrick’s Day?

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago kicks off the holiday with TWO parades to choose from for the city-wide celebration, but the most exciting part of the Chicago festivities is the Dyeing of the River with 100 pounds of green dye. For the past 43 years, Chicago has dyed its river a fabulous shade of shamrock green prior to the parade. After the parade enjoy some green beer at local hot spots like The River Shannon, Fado Irish Pub, or Poag Mahone’s. Chicago is truly a sight to behold during this rowdy holiday.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is known for hosting the second largest parade in the world, attracting some 400,000 annual visitors. The St. Paddy’s celebrations go on for several days in Savannah and include the “greening” of Forsyth Park Fountain and related food and music festivals. A couple of days before St. Patrick’s Day and on St. Paddy’s Day itself, River Street is one big Irish party! Basically, this strip of bars, art galleries, antique stores, gift shops, dance clubs, restaurants, and boutiques is party central on any given weekend, but during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, it’s totally crazy!

Boston, Massachusetts

The celebration in Boston begins a full week before St. Patrick’s Day and doesn’t stop until the green beer runs out. Known for its long-standing Irish heritage, and more Irish pubs than any other place in the USA, Boston is an obvious choice for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The Roisin Dubh, or “The Black Rose” is an integral part of Irish folklore. And Boston’s own Black Rose follows in this Irish tradition, making it a great place to hang a hat for the night’s festivities. Live, traditional Irish music, classic cuisine and a Guinness are only a few of the essential provided.

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