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Business Tip of the Day: How to Motivate Your New Employees in 11 Easy Steps

At Magellan Jets, we know that when it comes to growing your business, new employees are at the hub of the growth. One of the main ways company success is defined is by size, and employees account for more than just the square footage needed to run your business. With new employees come new attitudes, skills, and accomplishments. Make the most of what new profiles have to offer by getting ahead of the motivation game with these 11 tips that we ourselves stick to.

  1. Start Before You Interview

When possible, try to hire before a busy season or an upcoming event so they can attend and be in the midst of all the action. Showing new employees the opportunities and exciting field experiences that come with the job will hook them in and get them excited to play their part in their new roles.

  1. Be Transparent

During the interview process, make sure you have a plan to present your company’s core values and illustrate a day in the office. Whether it’s finding out what makes your new guy tick or representing an important aspect of your business, clarity in the screening process is key.

  1. Make Them Welcome

Start on day one. Make sure your team is prepared to welcome your newbie in with open arms. Have your onboarding process spelled out on paper and in action with the paperwork and the ceremonious induction processes. Let existing employees know about their arrival in order to show the new guy the team atmosphere that is productive and constructive in your workspace. This will set the stage for them to shine.

  1. Teach Them Your Culture

As you should have mentioned in the interview, show your core values that you discussed in play in the workplace. Whether it’s making sure they’re recognized in their first company meeting or letting them pass the torch to the next new hire, make sure your company’s traditions are passed along in order to ensure your business grows in the direction you want it to with every new individual.

  1. Make That Extra Special First Impression

Take your new employee to lunch, show them the block, introduce them to a close friend. By making your new hire feel important and accepted, he or she will feel empowered to take on the valued pieces of your business’s puzzle and accept others when the time comes.

  1. Bring Out Your Big Guns

The honeymoon is over after a month or two for a new employee, time to throw a new type of encounter into the mix for your hire. Introduce them to top executives, important departments, and your best products or services. Showing your employee the result of their hard work and the master minds behind it all will motivate your employee to achieve (and exceed) the same level of excellence.

  1. Communicate

Build a relationship with your new employee by expressing interest in them through their manager, or directly to the individual. By making sure he/she is on track and addressing issues as they come up, your employee will have a clear idea of what is expected of them and be enabled to meet, exceed, and elevate those expectations.

  1. Ask Questions

One of the most encouraging things an authority figure can do is ask their team what he or she thinks about an important subject. Not only will they feel important, valued, and recognized for being asked, you will benefit from the ideas and solutions from a fresh perspective.

  1. Eliminate Boundaries

New employees come through who will knock your socks off and accomplish great things, but some of them will still feel like they are not doing enough. Curb this feeling by leaving the doors open for expansion. Let employees know that it’s okay to step in and help out when they see someone struggling or a gap that needs filling. This will let the best employees shine and do more than you thought they could while exposing company needs and getting the job done.

  1. Make Your Home Their Home

For many the ultimate motivation is independence. Allow new employees to relax into their roles and enable them to be themselves. Whether it’s allowing them to customize their cubicles or showcasing a comfortable area in the break room to take a breather, show your new employees that the office is a place that can be productive and relaxed. Taking the pressure off is a great way to make room for work to get done.
11. Foster Collaboration
Every employee will bring something new and unique to their role. Utilize this cumulative potential and position each team member for success by assigning tasks that play to their respective strengths. Clearly communicate expectations, and be sure to set clear goals. Productivity and collaboration will follow.
At Magellan Jets, we know that private aviation is just one of the means we use to help businesses and individuals suceed and achieve their professional and personal goals. Yet, we never lose sight of the fact that, only by garnering positive and collaborative workspace, we will help people who work with us and for us, achieve their greatest potential.

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