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Charter Flights don’t include Cursing, Escaping Flight Attendants

A New York judge granted bail for Steve Slater, a JetBlue flight attendant who is accused of cursing out passengers on the airplane’s public-address system. It was also reported that the flight attendant grabbed a handful of beer from the galley, pulled down the emergency slide, and made a daring escape onto the tarmac. Slater was arraigned this morning in a Queens’s courtroom on charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing.
Police and prosecutors claim that the 38-year-old airline industry veteran lost his temper Monday afternoon when a dispute broke out between him and a passenger. Apparently a rule-breaking passenger defied requests to stay seated then accidentally hit Slater in the head with her luggage near the beginning of the flight. When the plane landed in New York, the woman was angry at the fact that her bag was not readily available. The female passenger became outraged and began to curse at the flight attendant. Prosecutors said that at some point, Slater abruptly and angrily addressed the passengers on the plane’s intercom. JetBlue Airways Corp. made a statement claiming that they are working with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and Port Authority Police in an ongoing investigation. They also said that the safety of its customers and crew members were never at risk.
It is frightening enough to have a fight break out on a plane and it is even more frightening when it’s with one of the flight attendants onboard. Every passenger wants to have the best experience possible while flying, why should they have to deal with all that chaos? Here at Magellan Jets, we can guarantee that a situation like this will never occur on your private jet charter. We make sure that the flight attendants onboard have the necessary skills and traits to make you feel comfortable and safe. Fly private with Magellan Jets and you won’t have to deal with another commercial airline quandary!

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