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Charter Flights – How Magic Johnson Does His Business

We all know flying private costs money. It’s a simple fact, and while Magellan Jets does everything it can to minimize those costs, they can still be substantial. But what you may not realize is how much money you’re saving by flying privately! That’s right; you can actually save money with us, rather than taking an airline.
The Usual Way
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For a typical airline flight you’re locked into a departure time from a busy airport. From there, the torture begins. To avoid missing your flight, you are subjected to arriving several hours beforehand to ensure a timely departure. Check-in and going through security are necessary components, yet they are extremely taxing. Who wants to stand in line for what seems like an eternity while you probably have to listen to the person next to you chatting on their cell phone? While checking your bags, it is safe to say that you are gritting your teeth while you fork over that extra money (make sure they aren’t overweight!). In addition, the allowed size of your carry-on is fairly insignificant. You’re cooped up and sitting next to strangers while your flight is delayed on the tarmac (around 20% of ALL flights are delayed in the US, and this percentage only jumps at the busier airports). You arrive and have to find your way to baggage claim to retrieve your checked luggage. You’ve probably had to take a flight the day before your meeting, or leave the day after. On the return flight, it’s the same delays, security, and hassle.
On your airline trip, you’re lucky to be able to fit your laptop on the tray table even if the person in front of you hasn’t reclined his seat. You’re lucky to have a slow internet connection shared with the 200 other people on the aircraft. You’re lucky if you can hear the person on the other end of the flight phone thanks to the screaming baby 3 rows behind you. You’re lucky if you can keep the person next to you from reading what you’re looking at.
The Smarter Alternative
For a typical private flight, you’ve chosen the departure time out of and into and airport that’s convenient for you. Often times these smaller airports cater to private travel, and the FBOs have a valet waiting when you arrive. You pull onto the ramp and up to your aircraft 10 minutes before you’re to depart. The pilots load your baggage (whatever you need to bring) and get you a drink while they shut the cabin door. You taxi out and take off immediately, arriving at another airport where there’s a car and a driver waiting when you step off the aircraft. You’re driven to your meeting, then back to the aircraft for a return trip same day and sleep in your own bed that night.
On your private flight your jet has WiFi, a fax machine, and a flight phone right next to the pop-out full-sized table. There’s club seating so you and your 3 co-workers can go over a presentation or blueprint together. Most importantly, there’s no crying baby, no seat backing into your lap, and no prying eyes invading your space.
What’s your time worth?
Superstar Magic Johnson, now a successful entrepreneur and businessman, sold his 5% ownership stake in the Los Angeles Lakers a few days ago. Why is this so interesting? Because he did it on board a private jet. Johnson signed off on the multi-million dollar deal while flying to a YMCA charity event in Hartford, CT. He was able to close the deal, worth an estimated $35 million, while in the air and was able to help raise over $48,000 for the YMCA when he arrived. Thanks to his ability to stay productive when he travels, Magic Johnson was able to concentrate on what he really cares about.
The National Business Aviation Association has a program titled No Plane No Gain. It helps businesspeople measure the true costs of flying privately and the savings you can achieve over commercial travel! When you factor in the hours spent waiting in line, the extra travel time to and from major airports, and the extra overnights due to airline schedules the tangible benefits can actually be measured! If your salary is $800,000 and you average a 50 hour work week-like many hard working executives-just the extra time you’ll spend at the airport is worth almost $1,300 for a round trip.
The intangible benefits, though, can weigh even more heavily. The reduction in stress, the increased privacy, and most importantly the increased productivity are what make private flights an easy decision for thousands of companies every day.
Let Magellan Jets show you a safer, smarter way to fly.

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