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Emivest Delivers Its First SJ30 Business Jet

Emivest Aerospace Corporation, current owner of what had been the Sino-Swearingen SJ30 business jet, reports that it has delivered its first airplane. The first Emivest SJ30-serial number 008-went to Harry Mahoney, of Déjà vu Consulting. Déjà vu is an international entertainment business. The airplane was completed at the Jet Works Air Center and fitted with an HF radio, dual Mode S transponders, a Garmin 500 GPS receiver, and veneer cabinets.
“I have waited for over four years for my SJ30,” Mahoney said. “We have persevered through it all, but I have always known that the SJ30’s performance was going to be worth it.”
Anthony Powers, Emivest CEO, was on hand for the delivery. “We welcome Mr. Mahoney to the SJ30 family,” he said. “We share, with the entire team at Emivest Aerospace, the pride and satisfaction of moving the company forward over the last one year and dedicate ourselves to providing ongoing support to Mr. Mahoney and our future customers, including Mr. Morgan Freeman, who is looking forward to taking delivery of his cherished SJ30 next month.”
Mahoney’s airplane is the third SJ30 to have been delivered.
The SJ30 has a high-speed cruise speed of Mach 0.83 (486 knots), a range of 2,500 nautical miles, and can operate at altitudes up to 49,000 feet.
By Thomas A. Horne

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