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FAA Suspends Furloughs; Back to Normal by Sunday

WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration announced it will suspend employee furloughs that have been causing delays at airports across the country in a news release Saturday.
The announcement comes after the Senate and House passed legislation to end air traffic controller furloughs this week.
The FAA released this short statement:
“The FAA has suspended all employee furloughs. Air traffic facilities will begin to return to regular staffing levels over the next 24 hours and the system will resume normal operations by Sunday evening.”
Under Congress’ legislation, the FAA will gain authority to transfer up to $253 million from accounts that are flush into other programs, to “prevent reduced operations and staffing” through the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.
Officials said that would likely be enough to restore full staffing for the furloughed controllers, as well as prevent the closure of small airport towers.
Read the full story HERE 

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