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Ferrari’s and Private Jets are Going Green

Ferrari is jumping on the “going green” bandwagon by introducing the F70 V12 Hybrid concept to be available for purchase in 2013. This hybrid is no Prius, however. Living up to the logo on its hood, the F70 will boast over 1000 horsepower fueled by a mid mounted 7.3 liter V12 800HP engine paired with two 120HP electric engines. Although exact performance specs have not been released yet, it is safe to assume that Ferrari will not disappoint. The rendering images available suggest a sleek design that will grab the attention of luxury car buyers around the world. Beyond the visual appeal and impressive performance, the opportunity to own the first Ferrari hybrid will be a tremendous selling point once the car comes to market. While hybrids may be a new concept to the fast world of luxury sport cars, the idea has been in the aviation world for quite some time.

In February 2011, Flying magazine published an article outlining engineer George Bys’ plans to produce a prototype solar-powered version of Cessna’s single engine C172 Skyhawk. The design would incorporate solare panels on the wing to power an electric motor that spins the propeller and pulls the aircraft through the air. Although the prototype can only run for two hours and is reliant on direct exposure to sunlight, it is the beginning for the next revolutionary trend in the world of transportation. Going green is not just a fad, but an ever existing staple of modern society that is forcing nearly all aspects of life to “jump on the bandwagon”. On this basis, perhaps our clients in the future will pull up planeside in their Ferrari hybrid and hop on a jet that is powered by nothing more than natural sunlight. Until then, Magellan Jets represents a massive fleet of safe, modern and fuel efficient aircraft that can accommodate any transportation need.

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