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Flying Private Like You Own It

At Magellan Jets, we’ve heard our members and know that one of the great perks of our jet-specific membership model is that fliers keep that sense of ownership.

It used to be that flying private meant owning a jet – and everything that came with it. More and more, though, fliers are sharing the burden by using membership models or fractional ownership. But that often means sacrificing what it’s like to own the plane on a practical and emotional level: reliability, comfort, and the emotional connection to a familiar aircraft.

Jet Specific Membership

It’s largely about selection of the aircraft and how travelers are treated. Private fliers gravitate toward a particular aircraft because it suits their needs and they understand it. That’s one reason we recently launched “bespoke,” an online tool that helps us customize memberships to be sure each flier has access to the right plane and benefits.

After getting used to a Gulfstream’s large cabin and high speed, for example, it can be frustrating for fliers to find themselves in a tighter space with longer flight times. For business travelers especially, a team of eight executives that makes a trip to six different offices over two days certainly appreciates being in the right size aircraft, rather than squeezing onto a smaller model. Switching to a different plane due to a company’s overbooked fleet or maintenance can create problems unless you know how to source the same model.

Making a customer feel completely at home goes beyond aircraft selection, it involves details such as:

  • the way pilots greet passengers, bring their bags from the FBO, and communicate about the flight details
  • how catering is selected; stocking the right items on board; and
  • understanding the nature of the trip.

That final piece – understanding the trip – is particularly important and requires a concerted effort to truly know the flier. Over the course of many trips, flight support teams invest the time to learn about a passenger’s preferences, their concerns, and the elements of travel that are most important to them. Critical to the experience is anticipating what each traveler wants even before they realize they want it. Better service from a company can be expected when a detailed profile of the flier is created in conjunction with the flight support team and filed correctly, then evaluated by the entire team.

When the full team (on the ground and in the air) fully understands the passenger, they can provide the in-cabin environment and overall experience that will make travelers feel as if the aircraft is customized to them.

To bring private fliers that sense of ownership calls for a high level of commitment on the part of the provider and a level of appreciation on the part of the traveler. Most passengers seeking this experience know how, what, and when they want to fly; they are accustomed to flying their way, and they expect the experience to match their level of sophistication.
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Magellan Jets is the leader in domestic and international private jet travel offering private and corporate travel memberships and charter flights. With a global network of thousands of pre-qualified aircraft, Magellan Jets is committed to the highest safety standards, personalized experiences and top level customer service.

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