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French President buys £150 Million Private Plane

This is not 18th Century France, and Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are not in power, yet many French citizens are so infuriated with their President that they are tempted to bring out the guillotine. President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy is currently being criticized for purchasing a new luxury plane. Tension is running high as Sarkozy boarded his £150 Million private jet yesterday for the first time, heading to South Korea for the G20 summit.
Dubbed the Air Sarko One, the new jet is fitted with a double bedroom, an air-conditioned smoking room, and an anti-missile system. The double bedroom with its en-suite bathroom is reported to be directly behind the cockpit. The bedroom links to a private office where an air filter system allows the president to smoke cigars. There is also a conference room equipped with top of line communication equipment and technology. Close to the back of the plane there are 60 club-class seats for ministers, aides, and favored journalists traveling with the president. And at the “far” back of the plane there are an additional 12 seats, economy class for cabin crew.
As France battles an economic recession, opposing politicians have expressed their disproval publicly, stating that the new plane is “too flashy”. Government officials have supported the purchase of the plane, insisting that the Airbus A330 was a necessary expense.
Conflicting views leave many wondering if preventative measures should be instilled to avoid government officials overspending in the future. Do you think something needs to be done to ensure that money is being saved rather than squandered?

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