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G650 One Step Closer to Service

Private jet setters are another step closer to flying faster, higher and further than ever before as the G650 has reached another certification milestone. FAA test pilots have signed off on the elite aircraft’s fuel, hydraulic and fly-by-wire control systems in addition to other significant components. Gulfstream currently has four test planes in the G650 program which have accumulated 2,675 hours across 820 flights; the longest being 14 consecutive hours covering a distance of 7,000 nautical miles. What this means for the executive traveler is a new world of possibilities when it comes to private aviation. The G650’s capabilities will allow a group of 8 executives to wisp nonstop at 51,000 feet from New York to Tokyo; far beyond the altitude of any weather or airline traffic.
Magellan Jets, the leader in private jet travel, is excited for the opportunity to offer this type of technology to our valued clients. The G650 will easily adhere to our stringent safety requirements while providing an unparalleled experience to its travelers. Gulfstream has rolled out luxurious floor plans featuring all the amenities a business traveler will need to be productive while en route to their next city. The range, speed and technology of the G650 is unmatched by any other aircraft and will make it the ultimate business tool. As for now, uncompromised service, safety and luxury awaits you at Magellan Jets and we look forward to professionally accommodating your next private travel requirement.

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