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Gateway to Asia with Western Appeal

The island-nation of Singapore been an economic hub for centuries and has continued to grow at an impressive rate through the beginning of the 21st century. Trillions of dollars flow through Singapore every year enabling the country to boast the highest GDP to trade ratio in the world. A corruption-free business climate, low taxes, a state-of-the-art infrastructure have attracted more than 10,000 multinational companies to set-up operations there. What makes Singapore so attractive in the first place? To begin, the nation is meticulously clean and is virtually drug and crime free. The county’s unforgiving legal system keeps citizens in line; however, their lenient business regulations allow companies to be more efficient and productive. What’s more, Singapore is conveniently located at the doorsteps of India and China; the two fastest-growing economies in the world today.
Asia is new to the world of business aviation; however, Singapore has embraced the concept and is relatively lenient in regards to regulation compared to most other Asian countries. For starters, no advanced visa is required for citizens of the United States and most European countries. In addition, the main airport located in Changi can accommodate any size business aircraft allowing for more direct flights from the United States and Europe. It is safe to assume that, at some point, the vast advantages of doing business in Singapore will have you looking for ways to get there. Magellan Jets, a leader in private jet charters, has the experience and dedication required to make your flight as comfortable and seamless as possible. We represent a fleet of safe, modern and technologically advanced aircraft that will whisk you to Singapore, or anywhere else, in the lap of ultimate luxury.

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