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Good for Business; New Private Jets to Give Competitive Edge

As private aviation continues to grow, so do the product lines of the industry’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Whether your travels include multi-leg same day hops down the east coast, a trans-continental trip from LA to New York, or a jump across the pond, the new business aircraft of the 21st century can accommodate your every demand. Cessna, Embraer and Dassault have recently rolled out brand new models that will set the standard for what private flyers expect from their aircraft. Leading the pack is the midsize Cessna Latitude, featuring the widest cabin business aviation has ever seen. Bolstering a 6 foot high ceiling and a 21 foot overall length, the Latitude will offer the most comfortable and efficient cabin today’s business executives will come to rely on. Even more impressive than its size is the Latitude’s range. Climb to 43,000 feet in 23 minutes and wisp from LA to New York at 442 knots. Far above any weather and commercial airline traffic, your flight will be as comfortable and efficient as possible.
Cessna Latitude exterior and interior.
If your professional or personal needs require a trip overseas, the heavy business jet of the 21st century, the Falcon 7X will meet your every demand. Large, fast and remarkably fuel efficient, Dassault has not overlooked a single detail. What’s more, the 7X’s maximum takeoff and landing weights are remarkably close, which means that once you’re abroad, multi city day trips never shed a second thought. The Falcon 7X’s distinctive three engine design adds to its visual appeal and sets the stage for what occupants will experience once on-board. The atmospheric conditions inside the cabin separate the 7X from the pack all on their own. When cruising at 45,000 feet, the aircrafts remarkable pressurization system brings the altitude in the cabin down to 4,800 feet. That’s 1200 feet lower than a traditional commercial airliner and makes a world of difference. In addition, ergonomically adjustable seats, a full length wardrobe, stand-up lavatory and 28 large windows give you comfort, relaxation and amazing views.
Falcon 7X exterior and interior.
Have three meetings in three cities in one day? While this may sound impossible to some, the savvy business traveler is all too familiar with a same day multi-leg itinerary aboard a light business jet. While there are many light business jets that can be used for multi-legs, the Embraer Phenom 300 leads the pack. With its best in-class performance, the 300 exceeds the expectations of light jet capabilities. BMW designed seats, the largest baggage compartment in its class, the largest windows in its class, and the best pressurization in its class truly make the Phenom 300 a top performer. The aircraft’s performance numbers are equally impressive. Capable of flying 6 passengers over 1900 nautical miles at speeds up to 453 knots classify the Phenom 300 as the ultimate business tool. In addition, the Phenom 300 can utilize hundreds more airports than larger jets which puts you closer to your meetings; saving your company time and money.

Embraer Phenom 300 exterior and interior.
Chartering with Magellan Jets insures you’re flying the safest aircraft, piloted by the most experienced crews in the world. Allow us to prove why we are the industry’s leading aircraft charter provider. Call (877) 550-5387 for a quote today.

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