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How To Establish A Company Culture During Growth

Establishing a culture in your organization is one of the most important components to any company’s success. A culture is like your identity and with no identity, it’s hard to maintain order during periods of change. After a year of monumental growth in 2015, we at Magellan Jets have worked harder than ever to build a foundation that has been a huge reason behind the winning culture.

Build The Company Foundation Before Anything Else

The first thing you should do is establish the core values of your company. These will serve as the standard for every person within the organization and the company as a whole. As your company grows, things will always change, but as long as you know what the company values, there will always be a direction.

The Magellan Jets Core Values:


Lead_with_SafetyLead With Safety

For every decision, for every action.




Own_ItOwn It

We want and accept responsibility in all we do.




Care_DeeplyCare Deeply

We respect, appreciate and elevate everyone around us.




Constantly_ImproveConstantly Improve

We never stop self-developing.




Challenge_the_OrdinaryChallenge The Ordinary

Learn, question and seek to improve.




Stand Strong In Your Core Values When Evaluating a Potential Hire or Fire

A big mistake companies make when establishing core values is they do not stick to them. In most cases, it is more important to find the “right” culture fit than the person with the most experience. Your company created a set of values they firmly believe in, so don’t abandon those if an experienced potential employee comes along who does not meet what the company stands for. It rarely ends well for either side.

Take The Time To Explain The Reasoning Behind Your Choices

Really take the time necessary to give some background on why the company values what it chose. It’s great to say this is what we think is important, but it doesn’t mean much for your employees if they do not know why.

  • Why are these values important to the company?
  • How will these values help the company move forward?
  • How were they chosen?

Continually Evaluate The Culture

Like anything else in the business world, a company culture is not something you make a decision on one time and never look at again. It takes constant attention the same way numbers, quotas, and processes do. Maybe someone who used to meet your companies values isn’t doing so anymore, or perhaps a procedure no longer works because of the companies growth. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly or however often you see fit, always take time to check on the culture.

Someone Needs To Be Responsible For The Culture

Culture is something everyone at the company actively participates in, but a leader needs to be held accountable when the culture isn’t being carried out. Often, your employees will get so caught up in the day-to-day activities, they do not have time to see how the culture and values are playing out. However, if there is a person who has a clear task to check on the culture and report back, it will always be something that is monitored.

Establishing a foundation has been one of the keys to the success of Magellan Jets. When employees know what the company values, it makes it much easier to see the bigger picture and keep everyone pulling in the same direction. Click below to learn more about the winning culture at Magellan Jets.

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