In Flight Wi-Fi Advancements Bring Broadband Internet to Private Jets

The internet has quickly become the central hub for today’s business world. If you’re flying private, you’re sure to use the internet in one form or another while working.
So why are the skies not filled with private jets that offer high-speed Wi-Fi access? The answer is high fixed costs and weight. When first developed, in-flight Wi-Fi systems were costly and heavy, proving to be an unreasonable expense for aircraft the size of private jets. But luckily, with fast-paced technology advancements and decreased costs, operators everywhere have ramped up Wi-Fi installations.
Technology companies such as Immarsat and Aircell have introduced smaller, more efficient systems to provide broadband internet to private jets. Weighing in at only 15 pounds, these systems will provide an invaluable tool to travelers without harming aircraft performance.
Manufacturers such as Hawker Beechcraft Services have recently developed retrofit kits to install Wi-Fi on their aircraft. Hawker has developed broadband Wi-Fi solutions for their 4000 and 800XP aircraft, creating packages offering the company’s Axxess voice communication system or standalone Wi-Fi systems.
Magellan Jets works with a wide range of operators who offer in-flight Wi-Fi services that are sure to help you maximize your private jetting experience. As private jet Wi-Fi options become more ubiquitous throughout the skies, turn to Magellan to help you close your next business deal at 35,000 ft.

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