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Interested in a New Hobby? Try Remote-Controlled Aircraft!

The world of flight fascinates many of those who experience it and sometimes sparks a fire in a person’s soul to become a licensed pilot themselves. Unfortunately, some may not be able to commit the time or just aren’t comfortable piloting an aircraft alone. For these individuals, an exciting and growing hobby exists that allows users to pilot an aircraft without ever leaving the ground. Remote Controlled (RC) aircraft put the world of flight at your fingertips and provide hours of thrilling entertainment for land-loving aviators. There is something rewarding about seeing a 3 month week-end project take flight and soar through the skies at speeds that can reach into the hundreds of miles per hour. If that number sounds intimidating, RC aircraft range in all sizes and have a wide range of performance capabilities. As your flying skills improve, there will never be a lack of challenge as you move progress to bigger and faster aircraft. Specifically, beginners can learn with electric-powered trainers and transition through the ranks to large turbine-powered jets; similar to the one shown in the clip above.
A wide range of RC airports exist throughout the country and if you get really good, you can show off your skills at an RC air show. All parts and accessories for your RC plane can be purchased at a local hobby shop or from a wide range of internet businesses. For the savvy RC flyer, you can choose to upgrade the stock equipment on your plane and add some impressive features. New technology for RC aircraft include high-speed cameras to film your flight and the ability to control your plane from an iPad. In a sense, this hobby features no shortage of possibilities which makes for years of excitement and adventure. So, if you’re in the market for a new pastime and want to fuel your love for aviation, look no further than your local or on-line hobby supply store; your RC plane is ready for take-off!

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