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Investment Apps For The Traveler With No Time To Spare

Keeping up with your investments while on the road can be a tough feat for even the savviest investors. Luckily, in today’s day and age of technology, there are apps specifcally designed for people with little time to spare. See what apps are helping investors manage their portfolio at the tip of a finger.


If you want to be a billionaire, this app was designed for you. The only app of its kind analyzes the investments of some of the top self-made billionaires on the planet. Everyday you’ll have access to snapshots of what billionaires buy, sell and hold each quarter. Prolific investors, like Warren Buffet and George Soros, key investment decisions will be in the palm of your hand 24/7.


Launched in 2011, Wealthfront aims to make investing simple and time sensitive. Real time information is available that tracks everything from account performance to diversification. Once an account is created, you’ll have immediate access to the historical performance of all 20 Wealthfront portfolio’s. The app now manages over $3.5 billion and uses a survey to help asses your best matches and risk opportunities.

Baton Investing:

Feel very confident in your investments with Baton as the app uses an innovative stock-pricing system developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer scientist John Reese. The approach is also referred to as “Moneyball” for it’s analytical approach, which you’ll remember Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill use a similar analytical approach to build a baseball team in the movie by the same title. Baton Investing uses a three step process to “beat the stock market”, and claims you can rebalance your protfolio while waiting in line for coffee.

LOYAL3 (iOS only):

LOYAL3 offers a unique opportunity to buy into Initial Public Offerings (IPO) of their partnering companies. IPO’s used to be reserved only for large investors and institutions before LOYAL3 introduced this batch investment pool style. Managing your monthly investment plan of your favorite companies has never been so simple.

Shares 2 (iOS only):

One of the few apps built for the international investor, Shares 2 gives you a snapshot in the currency of your choice. You can easily see values of stock symbols, number of shares and price paid by simply entering the ticker symbol. Exchange rates update automatically so you will have real time access to every stock in the currency of your choice.

Monitoring your investments is hard enough and even harder while your bouncing from city to city. The one thing needed among every great investor is time and Magellan Jets’ membership and charter options give you just that.

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