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iPhone Officially Available for Verizon Wireless

Ending months of speculation and intense rumors, Verizon Wireless and Apple linked up last Tuesday, announcing the release of the iPhone 4 to Verizon customers. Beginning February 10, AT&T’s long-held iPhone exclusivity will end, opening up the hottest smartphone on the market to more than 93 million subscribers.
For months now, all eyes had been on Verizon as Apple began ordering the parts required to convert iPhones to Verizon’s CDMA-based (Code Division Multiple Access) network. Market analysts expect this move to intensify the already aggressive battle between AT&T and Verizon, as a number of iPhone loyalists are sure to switch to Verizon. Additionally, strong competition has grown for Google’s Droid smartphone brand, which is featured prominently on Verizon’s network and was the only line of phones capable of taking on the iPhone head-to-head in 2010.
With this move, Magellan Jets’ One Way Leg Search app is open to up to 93 million people, twice more than before. As the audience privy to downloading the app expands drastically, C.E.O. of Magellan Jets, Joshua Hebert, comments on the app’s newfound potential, “When creating the Magellan Jets app, the objective was to accelerate the pace of locating and chartering aircraft. The recent development of Verizon being affiliated with Apple works to fulfill the goals we set out to accomplish with our app. Come February 10, I am excited to see what this will mean for Magellan Jets.”
Click here to download the new Magellan Jets One Way Leg Search app!

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