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iTunes: Music, Movies and Private Jets

Have an iPhone, iPad or iPod? Then check out the new Apple app recently announced by Magellan Jets: O.W.L. Search (One Way Leg Search). Allowing users to easily view and book one-way and empty-leg charter flights on your iPhone or iPad, the OWL Search app brings transparency and speed to travelers’ fingertips. Avinode Inc., an exclusive industry leading partner assisted in developing O.W.L. Search, providing the advanced technology which helped bring the application to the market.
Recognizing their client’s time is highly valuable, O.W.L. Search was developed in order to provide clients with options in the fastest, most streamlined method possible. With a simple user interface and real-time results, users can access flight options faster than ever before. This innovative search engine cuts the time it takes to search for aircraft availability while adding the ease of portability and anytime access.
Taking advantage of GPS-based technology, paired with Google Maps, O.W.L. Search automatically finds nearby airports and displays routing on the already familiar Google Maps app. In an effort to promote transparency and increase the level of information at the user’s fingertips, images and details of the specific aircraft for each flight are made available.
And with the announcement that the iPhone will become available to Verizon Wireless customers next month, O.W.L. Search will soon be available to a greater number of those looking for private jets.
With user-friendly features and the ability to contact Magellan Jets directly via the app, O.W.L. Search offers you the ability to search, discover and take the first step to chartering a private jet. Interested? Click here to read more, preview and download the app.

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