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Jet Card Comparison Guide

Don’t let your search for a Jet Cards be a tedious & frustrating exercise. It can be quite simple and straight-forward really. Looking into what each company has to offer can leave you overwhelmed- – Information overload- – And we know this!
That is why Magellan Jets is allowing you to download our FREE jet card comparison guide and receive a side by side comparison on the top 5 Jet Card providers in the industry and their jet card programs. While the commitment to service and safety are clearly a prority on all, see which offers the best overall value and benefits that fit your particular needs. {{cta(‘6fef8a1a-31eb-48c7-b5bd-4804652567eb’,’justifycenter’)}}

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Jet Card

The only Build-a-Card in the industry –
ultimate flexibility and consistency.


Guaranteed fixed rates and availability, while paying as you go.


Access the safest and highest quality aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis.