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Luxury Yachts of the Future

Luxury yachts are the nautical cousins of private jets and are similarly distinct in a class of unsurpassed extravagance. However, luxury mega-yachts may soon go beyond their soaring counterparts in terms of exclusive amenities. Imagine sipping a tropical frozen cocktail while lying under a palm tree as a babbling stream empties into a lagoon surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. This may bring back memories of your last island adventure by land, however, the luxury yachts of the future will provide the same experience from the privacy and safety of your vessel. Bamboo huts, swaying palm trees, and quaint waterfalls will someday encompass the deck of your yacht as they move in and out of the shadows casted by a miniature volcano. Coming back to reality, luxury yachting provides the ultimate vacation experience and complimenting your itinerary with a private jet or helicopter can make your trip more efficient.
Magellan Jets is represented by an experienced team of professionals who can accommodate any private aircraft request surrounding your sailing adventure. Whether it is a luxury helicopter to escort you from the yacht to the mainland, a private jet to travel within the region of your next port-of-call, or a last-minute trip back home to attend a meeting, Magellan Jets has the private aircraft for you. Leave your stress at home and let the warm breeze of the tropical trade-winds submerse you in a state of relaxation. Although a custom mega-yacht with an island paradise is not yet available, many beautiful ships are anxiously awaiting your arrival, and Magellan Jets will get you the dock safely, quickly, and in the lap of unparalleled service.

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