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Magellan Jets Announces Partnership with Patch Hats

Patchworks Apparel, LLC, has launched Patch Hats™, a unique new line of high-quality customizable baseball-style hats designed for children aged three to seven that feature a series of removable, collectable and tradable character patches. Magellan Jets is proud to partner with this exciting new product. With each Patch Hat purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go to charity. Patch Hats has exclusively created a Magellan Jets patch, which features a colorful image of a jet with the Magellan Jets logo. In an exclusive retail deal, Inserra Supermarkets announced that it will sell Patch Hats in more than 20 ShopRites throughout the New York/New Jersey area.
Circular patches, affixed by Velcro to the front of hats and featuring lovable cartoon-like characters, are interchangeable on an array of colored hats, and come three-to-a-pack with each hat purchased. The richly illustrated patches, known as Patch Pals™, have been exclusively developed for Patch Hats, come complete with a short history of each character, making them educational, informative and fun. The initial release includes nine characters, including Connor the Frog, Bill the Rhino, Kimberly the Dolphin and Zach the Spider Monkey. Patchworks will continue to expand the roster of characters, hat colors and retail distribution of the product line in the coming months.
Patch Hats and patches are available in two hat types, five different colors each, including The Patch Hat w/ Patch Three Pack: (SRP, $12.99), and Patch Single Pack: ($1.99). For more information, visit

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