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Mercedes- Benz Luxury Yacht Hits the Water

Mercedes- Benz has once again defined the luxury lifestyle by revealing its stunning luxury yacht concept at a boat show in Monaco this month. Mercedes partnered with renowned yacht maker Silver Arrow Marines to create the dazzling yacht. The concept is called the Mercedes-Benz Arrow460- Granturismo and is referred to as the “Silver Arrow of the Seas”. With its sleek 45-foot lines & one of a kind “greenhouse” like cockpit, this yacht is sure to please any yachting enthusiast. The concept exists only as a scale model for now but Mercedes says the final version will begin delivery in early 2015. Silver Arrows Marine is currently taking orders for the Arrow460 – Granturismo. Pricing is set at 1.25 million Euros (approximately $1.68 million).
The interior is an open-plan concept for up to ten passengers, which surrounds the occupants with adjusting glass panels. Passengers have the option of staying enclosed, or opening the front cockpit panel to allow for a fresh sea breeze to blow through their hair while they enjoy the ride.

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