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NetJets Fleet Renewal

NetJets is in the midst of what it calls a “jet renewal” that will replace aircraft that have reached the end of their useful lives and leave room for the company to expand its fleet. They announced a 10 year plan to swap out their current fleet- with a total transaction value of $9.6 billion. The schedule for the phase out will start with the oldest aircraft in their fleet first. Up to 425 new aircraft will slowly be phased into their inventory. They are gradually selling aircraft out of the current fleet as they take in deliveries of the new aircraft.
The NetJets Signature Series aircraft are going to be their next generation fleet. These cutting edge jets set the new standard for excellence in the private jet industry. It will comprise of the following aircraft:
[•] Phenom 300
[•] Citation Latitude
[•] Challenger 300
[•] Challenger 605
[•] Global 5000 & 6000 (will also be taking the 7000 and 8000 in future years)
Net Jets, a pioneer in the fractional jet model, provides it’s owners with access to aircraft with as little as 10 notice. They’re reputation for great service has been a key asset in the company’s success. Magellan Jets, in working with many Net Jets owners, has created a model similar to the access of private jets, but does not deal in the fractional business. Instead, Magellan Jets uses downtime on corporate aircraft through-out the world that meet their stringent safety standards and are approved in their MJPN (Magellan Jets Preferred Network). Included in their MPJN is also Net Jets owned Executive Jet Management. While the models differ in terms of ownership, both companies pride themselves in providing the safest aircraft and most experienced flight crews. Oh yeah, and in-flight cocktail menus aren’t bad either!!

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