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Pets and Private Jets; The New Way to Charter

It’s Wednesday, and there are only two more days left until your heavily anticipated family getaway. You’re finishing up your loose ends at work for the week and the only thing on your mind is laying on a beach and soaking up the sun. Then it hits you…the beloved family dog, Max. How could you forget? Max is your daughter’s favorite companion and she would be devastated if he wasn’t there for the family vacation.
While this story doesn’t pertain to everyone, traveling with pets has become more and more of a necessity in recent years. Pet day cares cost a premium and leave many pet owners worrying about the safety of their given pet. Were they let out this morning? Were they fed? Are they scared and alone? For many animal lovers leaving their pet at home is simply not an option. Additionally, flying your pet to your given destination brings up stressful concerns. In 2009, there were over 30 instances of pets ending up lost, injured, or killed while being transported via airline. What options are available to modern animal lovers? Enter, Magellan Jets.
Magellan Jets knows and understands the concerns of animal lovers out there. We care about the safety and happiness of your pet(s) as well as your peace of mind. We are strategically innovating the industry with our focus and expertise on pet travel. Magellan works with you and a number of pet approved charter operators to assure you have the perfect aircraft for you and your pets. Rest stops, toys for your pet, and a pet friendly crew are just a few of the ways Magellan Jets works for you to ensure your experience is a great one. Contact Magellan Jets and discover a safer, smarter way to fly with your pet!

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