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Pilot Review: The Best of The Citation Latitude

Straight out of Wichita, Kansas, there may not be a plane that better meets the needs of both passengers and pilots than the Citation Latitude. By Textron Aviation setting out to create a “new midsize plane”, the Citation Latitude was built to redefine the industry’s midsize category. The combination of new features and technology is something we are not yet accustomed to in the Citation series making the Citation Latitude one of the most impressive jets in its category. See why both passengers and pilots alike love flying on a Citation Latitude.
For Passengers

The Citation Latitude is spacious in every aspect both inside and out. Before you even step on the aircraft, the term you might use is “wow” as it towers over you on the ramp. As opposed to the more common circular model, the unique oval shape of the aircraft offers more headroom than passengers are used to. On top of being one of the most spacious cabins in the midsize category, the Latitude adds features that create the perception of more space. The windows are 25% larger than the Citation Sovereign, XLS+ and X+. Although this may not seem like a big deal, increased sunlight in the aircraft helps eliminate that cramped feeling while traveling.

Comfort and Convenience
Each seat on the aircraft is a fully articulating, lay-flat bed. What does that mean to the passenger? No longer will you have to sit facing forward for the entire flight. Seats can slide into the aisle and turn left or right to interact with fellow passengers face-to-face. For the long-range flights and red-eyes, seats can recline into lay-flats, essentially creating a comfortable sleeping setup for each passenger.

System Improvements
The Citation Latitude is the first Citation to implement a hepafilter. The hepafilter is setup to collect dust particles circulating throughout the cabin so you are exposed to fresh air throughout the aircraft on your entire trip. A feature that passengers may not be able to directly see is the Latitude’s ability to adjust the altitude feeling no matter how high the aircraft is. When the aircraft reaches 45,000 feet, the crew can alter the cabin to feel as low as 6,000 feet. Each of these features will severly reduce the passengers fatigue leaving your body feeling refreshed from start to finish.

For the Pilot and Crew


Fully Integrated Autothrottle
To help pilots keep their eyes in the sky, Citation added many features to the cockpit so pilots do not have to look down when making changes. One of the key features that cuts that down is the fully integrated autothrottle control. Pilots can set the controls to change to a specific speed when the plane reaches the designated altitude. Now pilots do not have to look at the controls to read just the speed when they hit max altitude.

Touch Screen Control Panels
Although touch screen panels are not new to the Citation, touch screen panels with this sensitivity are. There are four GTC 570 touchscreen cotrollers in the Latitude that use infrared technology instead of the capacitative touch. This means Pilots can utilize a less hefty push when activating changes. It’s less like pushing a button and more like touching an iphone screen.

SafeTaxi Charts
Garmin’s SafeTaxi charts come equipped with every Citation Latitude. This allows the captain and crew to see where they are on the field at all times. This is especially helpful when it comes to low visibility scenarios where it can be very tough to navigate around the field through aircraft traffic without knowing your location at the aiprort.

The Citation Latitude is a spacious aircraft with state of the art technology, but maintains the simplicity of the rest of the Citation series that we all love. See options for the Citation Latitude and other spectacular aircraft in our Jet-specific membership and charter options.


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