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Plans for Floating Replica of ‘Streets of Monaco’ Super Yacht

British designers have produced plans for a floating replica of the principality named Streets Of Monaco super yacht. The staggering 155m yacht is expected to cost over $1.1 billion to build and is modeled on scaled-down versions of its famous landmarks. Currently in the design stage, the super-ship will feature smaller versions of the state’s famous landmarks such as the Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, as well as swimming pools, tennis courts, a cinema, a go kart track and a Hotel de Paris. “It is basically a floating city,” company director Rob McPherson said. The most ordinary feature is the Monaco Grand Prix-inspired go-kart track which runs around the deck. In entirety, Streets of Monaco’ would be capable of housing 16 guests and 70 crew and would cost the owner tens of millions to run each year. The only question remaining for Yacht Island Design is whether they can find a billionaire with enough spare change to turn it into a reality.
Although this Streets of Monaco super yacht is not yet available, many beautiful ships are anxiously awaiting your arrival, and Magellan Jets will get you to the dock safely, quickly, and in the lap of unparalleled service. Magellan Jets is represented by an experienced team of professionals who can accommodate any private aircraft request surrounding your yachting adventure. Whether it is a luxury helicopter to escort you from the yacht to the mainland, a private jet to travel within the region of your next port-of-call, or a last-minute trip back home to attend a meeting, Magellan Jets has the private aircraft for you.

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