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Private Jet Experience to be Improved by NextGen

On February 6th, the U.S. Senate passed a bill that will begin the integration of NextGen, the future of air transportation in the United States. NextGen, a GPS satellite-based system, will be slowly phased into operation and eventually replace the ground-based radar system in use today. The current radar system is extremely outdated and severely restricts the capacity of the nation’s airspace. Radar requires a direct line-of-sight with the aircraft and sluggishly updates the aircraft’s position every six seconds. NextGen will dramatically improve these flaws because a satellite is not restricted by a line-of-sight requirement or atmospheric conditions. Additionally, like the GPS in your car, NextGen will update the aircraft’s position every second, greatly improving safety and efficiency. This multi-billion dollar project will be able to accommodate the estimated 50% growth in air traffic over the next 10 years and allow more planes to be in the air at any given time.
What this means for you, the private jet traveler, is an overall improved jetting experience free of lengthy delays due to congested airspace. The precision of NextGen will allow aircraft to fly closer together, but at a much higher safety margin than provided by radar. This also means improved arrival procedures at busy airports which will get you on the ground and onto your destination faster than ever before. The new system will save precious time as you proceed on a multi-city trip for meetings, a flight from coast-to-coast for a conference, or for a quick Palm Beach getaway. Magellan Jets is excited for the opportunities NextGen will provide and is anxiously awaiting its arrival. Although the ground-based radar system is currently in use, private aircraft provide the fastest means of transportation available and Magellan Jets can provide you with a variety of equipment anywhere in the world to meet your demands.

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