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Private Jet of the Day: Challenger 350

Magellan Jets is proud to introduce the Challenger 350, the next step in Bombardier’s mid-size jet line. Upgraded from the successful G300, the G350 contains a new wing, larger windows, more powerful engines, and a redesigned interior. The groundbreaking aesthetics and ergonomic advancements provide an entirely new cabin design catered to passenger comfort. The larger windows allow more natural light into the aircraft to decrease fatigue and expand viewing angles. Furthermore, the luxurious seats are capable of reclining to a full ‘lie-flat’ position to provide passengers with more comfortable sleeping arrangements. If that’s not enough, the flat floor, stand up height, and incredibly wide cabin will provide travelers with enough space for work, rest, and dinning. Speaking of dining, the modern and modular galley will provide unprecedented storage and counter space for preparing snacks and multiple course meals. The spacious cabin provides customers ample comfort for flights up to 3,200 nautical miles. To say that the Challenger350 is “well rounded” would be an understatement. In establishing new benchmarks in multiple dimensions, the 350 has become a leading super-midsize aircraft that exceeds every expectation. Call Magellan Jets today for a quote.

Passengers: 10
Lavatory: full
High Speed Cruise: 541 mph
Range: 3,200 miles
Cabin Volume: 860 cubic feet
Cabin Width: 7.2 feet
Cabin Height: 6.1 feet Cabin Length: 28.7 feet
Baggage Volume: 106 cubic feet

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